Babis Fur is a wholesale company specializing in fine fur accessories. Since 1993 we are dedicated to the fur business, launching new trends and always searching for novelty.

We have a deep knowledge of the business worldwide, allowing us to nurture our catalog with the latest.

Interested in our products?

If you want to provide to your customers high quality fine fur accessories and leather garments, we’ll make it together! Please, get in touch with us and we will give you all the details in a personalized way.

Our Values

The DNA of our company are our values, highly appreciated by our customers.

  1. Originality

    We always surprise you with new trends.

  2. Quality

    We take care of every detail to exceed customer expectations.

  3. Honesty

    We have an attitude in keeping with the truth in our relationships with others.

  4. Transparency

    We communicate our thoughts, feelings and proposals, without hiding anything, no pun intended.

Our Vision

To deliver the most attractive products to our customers, for us is not enough to be good. We want to be the best! That requires us to maintain an ongoing effort and high demands in seeking the most exclusive fine fur accessories that, from our perspective, can provide excellence also for the customer. We have no barriers and we cover the whole world.

We like to be daring. We like trying different things. We like to be different from others. We like the novelty. Therefore, our catalog is permanently renewed where you can find new fashion trends where, most likely, later will be copied by competitors.

our founder

Who’s behind Babis Fur?

Haralabos Theodoridis, fundador de Babis Fur
Haralabos Theodoridis
Founder and CEO
What makes us truly unique is our expertise and long experience in fine fur accessories.

Short Story About Our Company


Babis Fur launched in calle Hileras 4 Madrid, as a fine fur accessories and leather garments.


Moved to calle Manuel Cortina 12, Madrid.


Start the commercialization to large women’s fashion chains in Spain.


Pioneers on selling fine fur accessories.


The first on exposing exclusively fine fur accessories in Feria de Madrid.


Launch of our first catalog exclusively containing fine fur accessories.


Babis Fur begins its international expansion.


Renewal of Babis Fur showroom in Madrid (calle Manuel Cortina 12).